Basics of Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most famous casino games in the world. The table game is enjoyed by millions of casino players both live and online. The history of the game is dated back to 1655, when a French mathematician, inventor and physicist was trying to develop the perpetual motion machine. Even though the design failed, he ended up developing one of the greatest casino games in history. Do you want to gamble roulette game anywhere around the world? Then you should consider playing online roulette. Check for more.

How to Play Online Roulette?

Before you start to play this amazing game, there are some things you need to understand. First, you need to understand the roulette wheel. American Roulette wheel has 38 numbers, including a double zero and a single zero. However, when you are playing European Roulette, you will only come across 37 numbers excluding the double zero. You should know that the number on the wheel do alternate from red to black, except the zero (both the single and double zero) pockets which are coloured green.

Additionally, you should stake your bet before the game commences. To stake your bet, clicked on the chip that has the same value as your preferred bet. In this game, you can bet on a particular number or group of numbers. Once you have stake your bet, you should click the spin button to spin the wheel. Once the wheel starts to spin, a ball will be thrown in its opposite direction. If the wheel halts and the ball lands on your number, then you win.

Types of Online Roulette Bet

There are two main types of online roulette bets. One of these is the outside bets. When you placed your bet on the additional sectors of the roulette table, then you are betting outside bets. Some examples of outside bet include Low or High, Column, Dozen, Even or Odd, Red or Black and many more. Another type of bets is the inside bets. Inside bets are bets placed within the roulette table. Examples include Straight, Line, Split. Corner and Street bet.

Online Roulette Strategy`

We want you to know that online roulette is a game of chance. However, there are various betting strategies that you can use in online roulette to increase your chances of winning. One of the popular strategies common among beginners is the Martingale Strategy. This roulette strategy tells you to increase your bet stake each time you lose, and you should keep doubling your bet till you have a win. After a win, then you can return to your initial bet.

  • Also, you can use the Labouchere System strategy. This strategy is quite similar to the martingale strategy. But, it requires you to select a group of numbers base your bet on those numbers.
  • You can also opt-in for D'Alembert strategy, which was invented by the French mathematician named Jean-Baptiste le Rond D'Alembert. This strategy is said to be safer than the Martingale strategy. This strategy involves the incremental adding and subtracting from your bet stake based on outcomes.
  • Additionally, you can also use the James Bond System. This type of strategy involves that you cover two-third of the roulette table including the zero.

Additionally, you can also use the Reverse Martingale strategy. In this strategy, you will be required to double your bet stake for every win in the game. Also, you should have a good money management skills, which when combined with the appropriate strategy, it can increase your chances of winning chances. As such, we advise you to develop a betting bankroll. And we advise you against betting with your survival money. Only bet with money you are willing to risk. Furthermore, please quit while you are still winning.